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Affordable strategic marketing plans and solutions for consumer driven companies.

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All projects are personally directed by Raymond Alleman, a senior-level executive with 24 years of consumer marketing and sales experience in a variety of product categories and trade channels. 

His background combines classic consumer packaged goods training with entrepreneurial and direct response experience.  Our other employees all have a depth of experience in consumer and services marketing. Through our strategic partnerships with marketing service providers, we are able to remain small, yet deliver big results. 

Credentials and references available on request.


We will work with you under any of the following arrangements:

For firms looking for help with a single marketing project, Results will provide a cost estimate covering our time as well as anticipated out-of-pocket costs, tailored to your budget

 Firms seeking ongoing marketing assistance often work with us on a monthly fee basis. Fees can be adjusted over time as needs change.

Hourly Basis: For clients who prefer this method of billing, we will negotiate an hourly rate and provide a work plan and keep logs of hours spent.

Geographic Scope: 

In addition to working with clients that market nationally and internationally, we often work with clients whose scope of operation is primarily local or regional. While based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we have experience that spans the US and the world. 


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